Welcome to Jeddah, a major urban center in the West of Saudi Arabia and a converging point for pilgrims from around the world. Rich in culture and history, Jeddah is the one of the larger cities in the Kingdom! There are many things to do in Jeddah that will engage you in the local culture, history to uptrend shopping and fascinating parks.

One of the most cosmopolitan towns in the Kingdom, Jeddah truly is a cultural melting pot of the world.  The city offers a wide contrast where modern architecture, luxury hotels, and shopping centers co exist with districts and souqs that are a reminder of the old Jeddah. 

North Corniche in Jeddah is home to many local family attractions, restaurants, and entertainment centers including the Atallah Happyland. 

Shop till you drop at the major shopping centers in Jeddah including Herra Mall, Sawary Landmark and Roshnan Mall.

If you would like to discover the true history of Jeddah, then visit the souks and the old city of Downtown Jeddah. The Old City of Downtown Jeddah features the Old Medina Gate, a major landmark in Jeddah which brings back memories of Old Arabia. 

Explore the magnificent Red Sea beach and coral reef. The Red Sea at Jeddah offers a fantastic location of the sea for divers. With the clear, serene and warm waters of Saudi Arabia coupled with fantastic corals and marine life; the Red Sea has always been a favorite of professional divers. Extensive variety of flora, fauna and marine life is what makes diving in Red Sea so special. There are many diving centers in Jeddah that offer assistance for Diving in the Red Sea. 

The Holy City of Mecca is and approximately an hour (100 kilometers/60 miles) away (accessible to Muslims only). As Jeddah is well known as a major commercial city in Saudi Arabia, there are various corporate offices around the North of Jeddah.

If you are planning to shop in Jeddah, you will not be disappointed with the vast variety of shops, brands and souks Jeddah has to offer. Shopping in Jeddah is an experience in itself and has something for everyone. Do make sure that you also make a trip to one of the gold souks where you can find gold at great prices.

Shopping Streets in Jeddah

Al Tahilla Street, Gabel Street, Hera A Street

Malls in Jeddah

Red Sea Mall, Jeddah Mall, Mall of Arabia, Oasis Mall, Serafi Mega Mall, Jareer Mall 

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Dining Offers in Jeddah

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